The Senior Premier Division of the County Championships witnessed an intense and thrilling competition during Rounds 4-7, hosted at Draycott Table Tennis Centre.

The battle for the top spot was fierce, with Sussex, Middlesex (pictured above) and Surrey showcasing their skills and determination to claim the coveted title.

In Round 4, Sussex faced a challenging match against bottom-placed Kent, only managing a draw. Jodie Morris of Sussex faced tough battles, losing two crucial five-setters.

Middlesex dominated Nottinghamshire with an 8-2 victory, while Surrey triumphed over Essex 7-3. Lancashire, starting the day in the bottom three, secured a 7-3 win against Leicestershire.

Round 5 witnessed a shift in fortunes as Surrey displayed their intentions by defeating Middlesex 8-2. Sussex secured a 6-4 victory over Nottinghamshire, Lancashire overcame Kent 6-4, and Essex triumphed 8-2 against Leicestershire.

Sussex regained the lead by 1 point, with Middlesex in second place, closely followed by Surrey.

In the penultimate round, Lancashire drew with Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire beat Kent 6-4. Surrey faced Sussex, winning 6-4, and Middlesex defeated Essex 6-4.

This all meant Surrey moved to the top of the table, leading by game difference ratio from Middlesex.

The final matches brought intense drama, as Surrey faced Lancashire, Middlesex played Sussex, and Nottinghamshire sought survival against Leicestershire.

Surrey led Lancashire 3-2 at the halfway stage, while Middlesex dominated Sussex 5-0. A remarkable comeback by Surrey and Middlesex’s victory over Sussex created tension, but Middlesex ultimately clinched the title with an 8-2 win and a superior set ratio difference.

Organiser Tony Dias expressed gratitude to Draycott Club for their hospitality, and officials Lynda Reid, Margaret Dignum, Mark Fisher and Paul Nichols for their invaluable contributions as umpires –Paul doubling up as referee.

The Senior Premier Division concluded with Middlesex breaking their three-season streak as runners-up and securing the title. The weekend showcased not only exceptional table tennis skills but also the importance of perseverance and strategic gameplay.

The Draycott Table Tennis Centre provided the perfect setting for this thrilling competition, leaving players and spectators alike eagerly anticipating future events in the Senior Premier Division.

Runners-up Surrey