StreetTT is a free app for anyone involved in table tennis to create and promote events for any table tennis purpose. 

Simply download the app and sign up to join a table tennis community or add an existing community. Organisers can add their table to the app so that table members can browse upcoming events, indicate attendance, take part in group chat, see the ranking of players at the table, and more.

Promote events and grow community at any table – players and organisers can upload their videos to appear on StreetTT’s social channels and tag themselves to get their table and events seen by more people. 

As players join the StreetTT eco-system and the group chat, they are informed and reminded about events automatically by the StreetTT bot as well as from the posts of group chat members. 

Reward community members by submitting match results into the StreetTT app – all players can submit match results by scanning the QR code of their opponent, while organisers can submit match results on behalf of players. 

Match results give players an Elo rating to compete by table, city, country and even the world, as well as adding to player stats and history. Play more opponents to move up and track progress to the next level.

Download the StreetTT app

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If you are a Table Tennis organiser, join the fortnightly webinar to learn more about the free tools that are available to you. By signing up as a moderator, organisers can add their table, create events for coaching and official table tennis clubs, and more pro features, all for free.

How to join a Webinar for Organisers