As we continue to highlight our responses to the feedback we received in our coaching survey, today we focus on our Find a Coach database.

Our Find a Coach database is a really useful feature for our licensed coaches. It allows anyone in the country, from players to schools and clubs, to be able to find a coach.

All enquiries Table Tennis England receives about finding a coach are directed to the database. So, if you are an active coach and looking for more opportunities, then you can immediately improve your chances of being found by making yourself visible.

If you have a Coach Licence with Table Tennis England and all your credentials are up to date, then you will appear on this database but you won’t necessarily be contactable. You have to select the correct option(s) on your Sport80 account to display your contact information.

The short video below takes you through how to use the Find a Coach database, as well as how to make sure your contact details are included.

So, if you’re looking to promote yourself as a coach and give yourself more opportunities to be seen, then make sure you follow the steps above.

This is one of the benefits we offer to those who have an active and up to date Coach Licence, because we want to promote what our community of coaches do and what they offer.

This is also a great way to find other coaches in your area, to get in touch, collaborate, make new connections and learn from each other.