The Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) has produced an Update Report which describes its activities over the period November to March.

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Engaging with the table tennis community – members, volunteers, clubs, leagues and counties – remains a major activity for MAG. Fifteen engagement sessions involving about 150 participants have now been carried out. These have informed MAG’s project work as well as providing an opportunity for MAG members to explain its role and activities to the table tennis community.

Progress continues with MAG’s project work. The reports on Volunteers and on Performance have both been published. An interim report on Clubs Development has also been published with the full report expected to be published soon.

We continue to be involved in TTE initiatives such as Diversity & Inclusion as well as providing ad hoc advice on the ranking review and the new league product.

We recognise that our sport faces a significant challenge in re-starting table tennis as we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic. Our main priority over the next 12 months will be assisting that process and ensuring that we not only build back – but build back better.