Plan a ping pong event

A great way to get lots of people engaged in table tennis is by running events, so we’ve included some ideas for you below:

Some of the table tennis records shown in the Guinness Book of Records might be surprisingly easy to beat. Most participants in a rally = 106*. Most opponents in a rally = 108.* Longest raw egg table tennis rally = 14 hits!*

*at time of writing

Very few people will turn down the opportunity to support a charitable cause, so why not hold an activity or event to raise some funds? Fancy dress and table tennis are a match made in heaven!

Ping pong parties are becoming more and more popular. Simply whack on some bouncy tunes, turn down the lights, grab some glow sticks and fluorescent table tennis balls and get the party started!

A themed event or competition can be a great way to galvanise people and, in our experience it doesn’t really matter how you package it up or what spin you put on it so, we’ll leave this up to you….although Ping Pong and jugs of free Pimms or Punch (alliteration is great for marketing!) often work well!

For the ultra-competitive people, or those who fancy themselves as the next Olympic table tennis star, the Table Tennis England Robot is the perfect opponent! With a max 80 balls per minute output, spin, speed and oscillation variations, how many balls can be returned in a minute…if any?! You can purchase basic robots for about thirty quid but they go up to about £3,000! Alternatively, you can hire one from Table Tennis England. Contact us for more information.

Everyone loves a prize! A trophy or medals are great to use as prizes, but if you can stretch to including some other stuff too, we’re sure it’ll be well received and will motivate people to get involved. A bottle of booze is normally a winner, or a nice sweet treat always goes down well!

Ping pong is good for the brain. It’s like high speed chess. Why not make it more fun to bounce ideas around by making ping pong part of the process. Invite your team to the table and get the conversation and game started simultaneously.

Most people will relish the chance to beat the boss. Why not set up a lunchtime challenge where any staff can challenge the boss (or the best player) in a series of quick fire games. This is a great way to get management involved and for barriers between different levels or departments to be broken down. It should be a lot of fun too.

Don’t forget to let us know what you’re doing by tweeting pictures to @TableTennisENG #inTheLoop