Due to technical difficulties beyond our control, we regret that we will be unable to live-stream the Mark Bates Ltd Cadet & Junior National Championships on Recast this weekend.

This is due to connection difficulties at the venue which we have been working to resolve this week following issues which arose at the U10-U13 Nationals last weekend.

Unfortunately, we have been unable to resolve these issues sufficiently to guarantee an uninterrupted, good quality stream. Instead, we will stream on Facebook, which operates at a lower bandwidth.

Anyone who has purchased the event on Recast in advance will be refunded.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and reiterate that this situation is beyond the control of either Table Tennis England or Recast.

Recast is a multi-sport, subscription-free app which provides dynamic content to supporters.

By watching footage, supporters help to generate income for rights-holders or content creators such as Table Tennis England, at no cost to themselves.

Those who sign up, for free, can watch highlights for free or at a subsidised rate by earning ‘casts’ by simply signing up and watching adverts.

We will continue to work with Recast, which – unlike Facebook or YouTube – allows us to generate money to invest back into grassroots table tennis. Our partnership is pioneering the way for other NGBs to also take advantage of this important new revenue stream and also ensures that you as a fan can use your viewership to financially support the sport we all love.