England youngster Krish Chotai is a brilliant example of how the England pathway enables players to develop and achieve their goals.

Chotai began his journey in the England pathway in the Hopes Squad under coach Kelly Sibley’s tutelage. Since then, Chotai has progressed through to the Aspire Squad overseen by Ryan Jenkins and on to train in the Junior Squad with Marcus Gustafson.

His progression through the pathway has enabled him to develop his game, so much so that he qualified in the Mark Bates Ltd Senior National Championships Qualifying Tournament in seventh place in a field of 114 players.

Having on the first day finished top of a group which included fourth seed Jack Bennett, he won his first two knockout matches to feature in the remaining play-offs for positions one to eight on the second day.

England and Team GB coach Ryan Jenkins says: “Krish has made huge strides from starting in the Hopes with Kelly Sibley, then into the Aspire Squad with myself currently. His great result in coming 7th at the recent Senior Qualifiers earned him a shot at the Junior Squad with Marcus Gustafson last weekend.

“My link with his coach Terry Bailey has also been instrumental to his progress through the squads. He’s doing great work each day at home with Terry.”

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