As our Return to the Table campaign gathers pace, there’s still time to join the list of clubs, leagues and other organisations around the country which are planning a special event during our celebration fortnight!

Remember, all events will be entered into a prize draw and the organisers could win a £500 grant or a visit from a top England player to their venue!

And we’re offering further spot prizes – event organisers who post footage or photos from their event on their social media platforms, or send us the footage to post on our channels, will be entered into a draw to win one of two £50 equipment vouchers and one TT Kidz awards starter pack.

If you are interested in hosting an event, click here to let us know

We have also produced a digital toolkit, including posters and other promotional material, to help you re-engage with your members and promote your activities.

Click here to request a digital toolkit

Here’s where events have already been organised – from as far afield as Falmouth and Darlington!

The Return to the Table campaign runs until September 27th – to find out more about it, including our celebration fortnight from August 30 to September 13, click here.

Remember, over the course of the campaign we are offering FREE access to the online TT Activator Award, which would usually cost £35, to valid members of Table Tennis England.

The online TT Activator workshop has been designed to provide all TT Activators with the tools to run fun and engaging activities in various playing environments. The workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn the rules of table tennis, the basic technique and some fun and engaging game ideas. It will also give you some tips to ensure inclusivity, allowing everyone to participate regardless of their age, gender, health or ability.

Click here to book a place.

We recently held a ‘running a celebration event’ webinar – watch the webinar below and download the slides at the foot of this page.