The London Inter-Regionals qualifying event was held at Fusion TTC, for boys and girls in U11, U13 and Cadet (U15) age categories.

The tournament had more than 80 entries and was keenly played in a good spirit. Sisters Evie and Isabella Turner-Samuels each won an age group, while Phil Snell won two boys’ categories.

Players who made it to the later rounds have the opportunity to play for London in the inter-regional finals to be held Alderlsey Leisure Centre in Wolverhampton on May 21-22.

As the Inter-Regional finals also feature team events, the teams will be completed by one or two other players selected or qualified via the tournament.


Under-11 Boys: 1 Persia Ashani, 2 Zaid Aldilimi, 3 Gabriel Petito, Malek Shamakh

Under-11 Girls: 1 Evie Turner-Samuels, 2 Zoe Gonpot, 3 Astrid Styvoldy Chaingneau, Estelle Domingo

Under-13 Boys: 1 Phil Snell, 2 Sultan Adeleka, 3 Oliver Tong, Albert Hyseni

Under-13 Girls: 1 Isabella Turner-Samuels, 2 Daphne Beebe, 3 Aradhana Saravanan, Skaila Walker

Under-15 Boys: 1 Phil Snell, 2 Lukas Keys, 3 Teagan Khazal, Etman D’abreu

Under-15 Girls: 1 Parmis Ashani, 2 Isabella Turner-Samuels, 3 Lianna Shilani Tousi, Jadeine Augustine