As part of the implementation of the Competition Review, Cambridge will host the first Senior 4* tournament on the 2024/25 calendar.

Cambridge University Sports Centre will take centre stage as it hosts the Butterfly Cambridge Senior 4* Open on the weekend of August 31-September 1.

The 18-table tournament will include Men’s and Women’s Singles, Under-21 competitions in both genders, plus Men’s and Women’s Banded categories.

The Cambridge 4* is the first of this type of event as the implementation of the Competition Review continues, providing more local opportunities for players of all ages and abilities, in support of a structured national calendar, while encouraging flexibility of formats.

We are seeking both new and established Tournament Organisers (TOs) to host further Senior 4* events during a transitionary season in 2024/25, after which these events will become National Opens from 2025/26.

Table Tennis England will work with Tournament Organisers to plan, develop and stage these competitions, including support to incentivise player entry and provide some financial support towards the running of the event.

In respect of the Cambridge event, there is no levy payable to Table Tennis England – entry is £30 per event plus a £4 admin fee per entrant.

Neil Rogers, Head of Competitions and Events, said: “We’re keen to hear from any interested parties as we seek to expand the number of events at this level.

“The emphasis will be on flexible events, with playing formats, singles/doubles/team events, age-group sub-categories and pricing to be set by organisers. The organisers will be able to apply to Table Tennis England for financial support to deliver the event to help ensure these events are delivered to a suitable standard.

“In season 2025/26, these competitions will become National Opens and provide high quality competitions for some of the best players in the country and contribute to the wider pathway.”

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