The third and fourth Under-13 National Championships took place in 1971 and 1972. We know who won those events but not who all the players are in the photos. Can you help identify them?

1971 Under-13 Boys’ Singles

1 Paul Day, 2 Gary Hamilton, 3 Malcolm Green, 4 Martyn Day, 5 Mark Mitchell, 6 Maxwell Crimmins, 7 Andrew Allars, 8 Michael Howarth

Mark Mitchell, x, x, Maxwell Crimmins
x, x, x, Paul Day
1971 Under-13 Girls’ Singles

1 Julie Kelly, 2 Caroline Reeves, 3 Emma Swan, 4 Gail Round, 5 Angela Palmer, 6 Jill Gavin (replaced Linda Wales), 7 Melody Ludi, 8 Heather Jane

x, x, x, Julie Kelly
x, x, Melody Ludi, x
1972 Under-13 Boys’ Singles

1 Andy Barden, 2 Paul Day, 3 David Newman, 4 Chris Sewell, 5 Peter Brugge, 6 Eric Minto, 7 Garry Soan, 8 Peter Griffiths

x, Paul Day, x, Andy Barden
Peter Griffiths, Garry Soan, Eric Minto and Peter Brugge – but which is which?
Winner Andy Barden presented by Charles Wyles with Ian Crickmer
1972 Under-13 Girls’ Singles:

1 Linda Wales, 2 Melody Ludi, 3 Sandra Sutton, 4 Jill Campion, 5 Diane Collar, 6 Suzanne Hunt, 7 Julie Black, 8 Denise Morton

Julie Black 7th, Jill Campion 4th, Denise Morton 8th, Melody Ludi 2nd
Sandra Sutton 3rd, Linda Wales 1st, Diane Collar 5th, Suzanne Hunt 6th

Seven players went on to become senior England internationals – Paul Day, Mark Mitchell, Maxwell Crimmins, Andy Barden, Chris Sewell, Melody Ludi and Suzanne Hunt.

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