England dominated the Home Nations International in Bangor, Wales, winning all six team golds and a stack of singles and doubles golds.

The only category in which England did not win every team match was the Senior Women, where they drew 2-2 with both Jersey and Wales. In the former, Hannah Silcock defeated both Mari Baldwin and Mollie Patterson, while in the latter Patterson was defeated by Danielle Kelly and Baldwin lost to Lara Whitton.

England beat Isle of Man, Guernsey, Scotland and Ireland 4-0 and took the gold as results elsewhere went in their favour.

The Senior Men’s team of Shayan Siraj and Connor Green had a perfect record of 4-0 wins over all six opponents as they took gold.

In the Junior categories, the boys’ line-up of Ralph Pattison and Isaac Kingham had 4-0 wins over four nations and 3-1 victories against Scotland and Wales, Kingham losing the two individual matches. Meanwhile, the girls’ team of Scarlett Anders and Tianer Yu won all their three matches – against Guernsey, Scotland and Wales – 4-0.

The Cadet Girls (Sienna Jetha and Hannah Saunders) beat Guernsey, Ireland and Scotland 4-0 and Wales 3-1, with one defeat for Saunders. in the boys’ category, Abraham Sellado lost one match, against Scotland, but he and Max Radiven won their other matches, against Jersey, Guernsey, Ireland and Wales, 4-0.

The singles events saw England win five golds, three silvers and four bronze. Siraj defeated team-mate Green 3-1 in the Senior Men’s final, with bronzes going to Callum Evans (WAL), who was beaten 3-2 by Siraj in the semi-finals and Alex Gillen (IRL), who lost 3-0 to Green.

There was also gold and silver for England in the two cadet categories. In the boys, Sellado beat Radiven 3-0 in the final. Bronzes went to Bruce Tan (IRL) and Joe Mulhern (SCO). In the girls’ event, Jetha overcame Saunders 3-1 in the final, with bronzes going to Darcey Taylor (WAL) and Megan Mulhern (SCO).

The Junior Girls champion was Yu, who got past Lowri Hurd of Wales 3-1 in the final. Hurd had defeated Anders 3-1 in the semi-finals, leaving her to settle for bronze alongside Ruby Elliott, also of Wales, who lost 3-0 to Yu.

Pattison took the Junior Boys gold thanks to a 3-1 victory over Wales’ Harri Docherty. Kingham took bronze as he was beaten 3-1 by Docherty in the last four. The other bronze went to Jamie Johnson of Scotland, beaten 3-2 by Pattison.

In the Senior Women, it was double bronze for England – eventual champion Hannah Silcock of Jersey saw off Patterson 3-1 in the semi-finals, while Baldwin fell 3-1 to eventual silver medallist Mia O’Rahilly Egan of Ireland.

In the doubles, it was five golds out of six for England, with the only exception coming in the Junior Girls, where Yu & Anders were defeated by Lowri Hurd & Ruby Elliott of Wales. Bronzes went to Holly McNamara & Amelia Smolarek of Scotland and Keira Eldridge & Sian Craig of Guernsey.

In the Senior Men, Siraj & Green beat Martin Johnson & Calum Morrison of Scotland in the final. Bronzes went to Callum Evans & Lloyd Gregory (WAL) and Alex Gillen & Tom Davis (IRL).

Patterson & Baldwin took the Senior Women’s title as they beat Scottish duo Faye Leggett & Alisa Khalid in the final. The beaten semi-finalists were Hannah Silcock & Kathryn Silcock (JEY) and Lara Whitton & Danielle Kelly (WAL).

Pattison & Kingham took the Junior Boys’ gold with victory over Wales’ Harri Docherty & Oscar Marriott. The bronzes were won by Jersey pair Leon Pierre & John Le Fondre and Ireland’s Aedan McGivern & Tom Irwin.

Both Cadet pairs also won gold for England. The boys’ final saw Sellado & Radiven overcome Joe Mulhern & Ben Hart of Scotland, with bronzes for Bruce Tan & Clifford Tan of Ireland and Welsh pair Toby Harwood & Daniel Mead.

The girls’ final was a victory for Jetha & Saunders over Lily Walters & Darcey Taylor of Wales. The beaten semi-finalists were the Jersey-Wales pairing of Esther Lewis & Eleanor Turner-Samuels and the Scottish duo Nichole Lee & Megan Mulhern.