An England squad of 24 players will be in action at the Senior Schools International event, beginning in Largs, Scotland, on Friday.

Boys and girls are in action at under-14, under-16 and under-18 age groups and will be taking on teams from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

Friday and Saturday sees two-player team competitions, with the individual events on Sunday.

There is also a 25th England player on duty – Niamh Scarborough is part of a joint Anglo-Welsh team with Lara Whitton.


Under-18 Boys

A team: Tom Rayner (QE College, Darlington), Adam Dennison (Charles Read Academy, Grantham); B team: Josh Bramley (Selby College), Octavian Aparaschivei (London Academy); NPC: Dave Pilkington

Under-18 Girls

A team: Rebecca Savage (Ackworth School), Abbie Hurley (The Howard School, Gillingham); B team: Kirsty Maull (Halesowen College), Stefania Popa (Priory Ruskin Academy (Grantham); NPC: Helen Lower; Anglo-Welsh team: Niamh Scarborough (Cronton Sixth Form College), Lara Whitton (Wales), NPC Josh Morgan (Wales)

Under-16 Boys

A team: Jake Haygarth (Kirby Stephen Grammar School), Krish Chotai (Glyn School, Epsom); B team: Nathaniel Saunders (Colmers School and Sixth Form), Joseph Dennison (Charles Read Academy, Grantham); NPC: Michael Moir

Under-16 Girls

A team: Tianer Yu (City of London School for Girls), Evelyn Pace (Surbiton High School); B team: Bethany Ellis (Morecambe Bay Academy), Saskia Key (Weald of Kent Grammar School; NPC: Kate Hughes

Under-14 Boys

A team: Abraham Sellado (St Bede’s and St Joseph’s Catholic School, Bradford), Max Radiven (JCOSS, Barnet); B team: Leo Nguyen (Devonport High School for Boys), Rex Wong (Warwick School); NPC: Steve Lyons

Under-14 Girls

A team: Sophie Ackred (Chetwyne School, Barrow), Naomi Coker (Heanor Gate Spencer Academy); B team: Jonabel Taguibao (St George’s Catholic School, Westminster), Gene King Tung Lam (Crestwood Community School, Eastleigh); NPC: Charlotte Spencer

Umpires: Dr Immad Qureshi and Richard Horsfield

Head of Delegation: Steve Burge