In partnership with SAQ we are offering all licensed coaches access to a table tennis-specific fundamental movement award at a discounted price of just £75. That’s a £55 saving on the retail price of £130!

In order to access this discount you will need to have a current coaching licence – click here to register or renew.

Coaching and Education Manager at Table Tennis England, Aled Howell said: “It’s an exciting opportunity and partnership we have with SAQ International. For us, our aim is to provide accessible opportunities for coaches from various coaching environments with the opportunity to gain further knowledge and upskills themselves.

“We know that fundamental movement skills plays a significant aspect in sport and having the opportunity to have table tennis-specific training in the field is a blessing. We look forward to growing the partnership and the opportunities we provide to our coaches.”


Course Description

This is an online interactive course delivering practical skills to table tennis coaches to learn about fundamental movement and how to apply these principles to their coaching.

SAQ Training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, coordination and ultimately complete control of body movement which in turn will improve sporting performance.

What you will learn

  • To provide table tennis coaches with knowledge and practical skills to apply SAQ FM Training to their table tennis sessions
  • How to introduce the SAQ Continuum, the framework around which SAQ FM Training is structured
  • Demonstrate the role of SAQ FM Training in improving fundamental movements and athletic performance
  • To be able to demonstrate SAQ activities
  • Learn important safety considerations
  • Understand how SAQ FM Training can be applied as a standalone programme, a ‘tool’ to use within existing work or as an intervention to improve the gifted & talented or develop those of more modest potential

Course Programme

  • The Award will run across two online sessions (each session approximately 2 hours in duration)
  • Each of the six phases of the SAQ Continuum are introduced using video and power point, followed by practical videos and reviews
  • If a delegate is unable to perform practically, they will still be able to complete the Award successfully

Course Assessment

  • Ongoing assessment of practical competence
  • Demonstrating and teaching activities from the SAQ Continuum via video
  • 1 Multiple-Choice Questionnaire completed at home which includes Video analysis of movement

Award Status

  • UK Coaching Framework compliant
  • Dyspraxia Foundation endorsed
  • Special Olympics GB endorsed
  • RFU recommended
  • Sportscoach UK signposted

You will get access to:

  • A comprehensive Resource Book and video summarising SAQ FM Training for children
  • Insights on how to best use SAQ FM Training and the SAQ Continuum within table tennis sessions
  • Best use insights for one-to-one situations and small group sessions
  • Table Tennis specific videos

Who should attend?

  • Table tennis coaches of all levels
  • Coaches who want to be equipped with the skills guaranteed to develop and improve Functional Fundamental Movement and improve performance