England’s David McBeath hopes an amazing shot which has created a social media sensation will help him secure a place in the first ever Major League Table Tennis season.

The Commonwealth Games medallist pulled off this incredible counter-smash from the back of the court with his ‘wrong’ left hand, and the resulting clip has wowed social media audiences.

David was playing against Italy’s Daniele Pinto in the MLTT Combine East – an event which gives players the chance to showcase their skills to representatives from the league’s teams, before the players are drafted later this month for the first season.

The shot was during the first game and he went on to win the match, on his way to being ranked sixth on the draft list from among dozens of players.

He said: “I try swapping hands in practice all the time but rarely pull it off, it just happened to come off on that occasion!

“I’m hoping to be drafted to the league at the end of the month, so hopefully this has got me noticed and will help me get a team.”

The Major League Table Tennis will feature eight teams – four in the Eastern Division and four in the Western Division.

The Combine West takes place this coming weekend and the draft will follow, with the league starting next month.