The County Championships is progressing well with 315 matches already played across all sections of the competition. The county championships website is fully up to date with all matches played to the end of December.

The County Championships got under way in October. But with few matches being played in the first month, it was a relatively slow start. However, the pace picked up considerably during November and December. As a result, 315 matches have now been played. Nonetheless, with over 700 matches scheduled to be played this season, that still leaves nearly 400 matches to be played.

Since the start of the season, the County Championships Administrators have been very busy processing the scoresheets and entering the results into the TT Leagues league management system. As a result, the county championships website is fully up to date with the results of all matches played to date.

Click on “Fixtures and Results” on the main menu and then on whichever competition(s) you are interested in. From there you can navigate to the divisional tables, results and scorecards, player averages and team and player stats.

Premier Weekends

Premier Weekends sessions have taken place in all sections except the Cadets. This is scheduled to be played to completion over the weekend of 4th and 5th March.

The Junior Premier Weekend took place on 17th and 18th December with all matches played and the final table produced. Nottinghamshire are clear winners of the division. Essex finished as runners-up, just pipping Surrey at the post on sets difference.

Premier weekend sessions have also taken place in Senior, Veterans, and O-60s sections. In all three competitions there is everything to play for – particularly in both the Senior Premier and the Veterans Premier which both have three teams tied for top position. The outcome of these divisions will be decided at the second weekend sessions later in the season.

Other Divisions

Matches are now well under way, with at least one session of matches played in most divisions. Indeed, all matches have already been played and the divisional table finalised in the following four divisions: Cadet Div 1B, Junior Div 1B, Senior Div 1A and Senior Div 1B.

Congratulations to:

Cadet Div 1B: Warwickshire 2 (winners); Bedfordshire (runners-up)

Junior Div 1A: Middlesex (winners); Surrey 2 (runners-up)

Senior Div 1A: Lancashire (winners); Cheshire (runners-up)

Senior Div 1B: Essex (winners); Norfolk (runners-up)

Senior Div 1B was particularly close with winners and runners-up only being separated on sets difference.

Unplayed Fixtures

In some divisions, no results are shown even though matches are scheduled to have been played. This is almost certainly because the counties have agreed to play the matches on different dates, but the relevant Administrator has not been informed. We are seeking information about the revised dates and will update the website accordingly as soon as we can.