Results of all matches played in the County Championships have now been published on the County Championships website.

Click here to visit the website on TT Leagues. Click on “Fixtures and Results” on the main menu of the homepage and then on the competition you are interested in to get full details of all the results.

Pictured above: Senior Premier Division winners, Middlesex.

The use of TT Leagues software has streamlined the operation of the County Championships with results of matches published much more quickly than previously. The amount of information that is available is also considerably greater. In addition to seeing the all the results and accessing each match card, you can dive into the details of player averages as well as team and player stats.

There were over 700 matches played in the County Championships in the 2023/24 season. The competition Administrators and Premier Weekend Organisers have done a fantastic job in ensuring that the results of matches are published so promptly.

The aim is for results of Premier Weekends to be published within 24 hours of the matches taking place. For matches in other divisions, it takes a little longer as these have to be sent to the competition Administrator who carries out various eligibility checks before the results are published. But we aim to get results published within a week of the matches being played.

This year’s County Championships Conference will take place on Saturday June 22. It will be an online-only meeting. This means that medals and trophies will not be awarded at the Conference. Instead, they will be posted out by Table Tennis England to the relevant team captains.

The entry forms for next season’s competition have been sent out to County General Secretaries. They are due back at the Table Tennis England office by May 22. Providing counties meet this deadline, the draft allocation of teams to divisions will be published just before the Conference. The provisional fixture list for the new season will be published in July.

Below is a list of the Divisional champions across all five competitions in 2023/24.

Premier DivisionEssex 1
Division 1ASurrey 2
Division 1BCambridgeshire
Division 1CWarwickshire 2
Premier DivisionMiddlesex 1
Division 1ABuckinghamshire
Division 1BSussex 1
Division 2ANorfolk
Division 2BWarwickshire 2
Division 2CMiddlesex 3
Premier DivisionMiddlesex 1
Division 1AYorkshire 1
Division 1BNorfolk 1
Division 2ADerbyshire
Division 2BBedfordshire 1
Division 2CDorset
Premier DivisionNottinghamshire 1
Division 1ADerbyshire 1
Division 1BMiddlesex 1
Division 2ALancashire 1
Division 2BSurrey 1
Division 2CHertfordshire 2
Division 2DDevon 1
Division 3AKent 5
Division 3BNorth Wales
Division 3CBuckinghamshire 2
Division 3DSomerset 3
Premier DivisionKent 1
Division 1AYorkshire 1
Division 1BSurrey 1
Division 2ANorfolk
Division 2BEssex 3