The County Championships for the 2022/23 season are now complete. All matches have been played and all results published on the county championships website.

To view each competition in detail, click on Fixtures and Results and select the competition you are interested in. Alternatively, to view all the Divisional Tables for each competition click here and then on the Tables icon to the far right of the competition name.

This lists on a single web page all the Divisional Tables in the selected competition.

This is the first season that the TT Leagues software has been the sole method for results management for the county championships. And the software has really shown its value throughout the season and particularly in the final few weeks.

There were a lot of matches still to be played in March – with many of them being played right at the end of the month. Indeed, the final matches weren’t played in some divisions until the first weekend in April. So given the number of scoresheets that have had to be checked, processed and published throughout March and into April, the County Championships Administrators have done an excellent job in finalising results and tables so quickly.

The feedback from both players and county officials is that the rapid publication of results on the website is highly valued. What’s particularly appreciated is the use of TT Leagues “live” during Premier Weekend, when the rapid production of detailed results, tables and player stats contributes to the smooth running of the weekend sessions.

More generally, the popularity of the website throughout the season is demonstrated by the 1500 to 2000 visitors to the website each month.

Below is a table of the winners and runners-up in each division of all five competitions (ie cadet, junior, senior, veteran and O-60).

CompetitionDivisionWinnerRunner Up
1AMiddlesex 2Surrey 2
1BWarwickshire 2Bedfordshire
1BMiddlesexSurrey 2
2ADurhamNottinghamshire 2
2BGloucestershire 2Worcestershire
2CMiddlesex 2Buckinghamshire
2ACambridgeshireWarwickshire 2
2BHertfordshireKent 2
2AWarwickshire 2Staffordshire
2BBedfordshireMiddlesex 2
2CKent 3Essex 2
3ACleveland 2Hertfordshire 3
3BKent 4Somerset 2
1BEssexEssex 2
2ACambridgeshireWarwickshire 2
2BHampshireSurrey 2