Table tennis was the subject as BBC Radio 2 presenter OJ Borg had the Mastermind treatment on his daily show early on Tuesday morning.

Our Senior Communications Officer Paul Stimpson was given the role of question-master to grill OJ for the Midnight Mastermind segment of the show.

The regular segment, aired around 12.30am each day, sees OJ given a specialist subject – in this case Table Tennis at the Commonwealth Games – and then has the length of a song to carry out some online research, before having to answer three questions.

The questions put by Paul were:

1. Which country is the most successful in terms of medals won in table tennis at the Commonwealth Games?

2. Which athlete has won the most medals for England at the Commonwealth Games?

3. Name 3 of the 4 athletes who have won para table tennis medals for England at the Commonwealth Games?

To find out how OJ got on, click below to listen (from 31.40 on the timeline).

Latest audience figures show that Radio 2 has 14.87 million weekly listeners.