Coaching review FAQs

Work is under way to revolutionise the structure of table tennis coaching in England to help us deliver on a key pledge of Table Tennis United.

The strategy will focus on continual development of coaches, based on recognising excellence wherever they work, rather than on the current qualification-based system.

Below are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we have received. More will be added to this page as the strategy moves forward.

Your current qualification will remain valid after the review. You will have the opportunity to further develop yourself going forward and access any new qualifications if you wish.

Implementation will commence from March 2025. We will communicate more details when the review is complete.

There should be no impact to grants that have been award to coaching qualifications. Your existing qualification will still be valid after the review.

Any new qualifications will be developed to ensure that coaches will be able to meet the standards required by schools.

Your qualification will still be as valued as it is currently and your qualification will not be removed.