With their 16th successive victory of the season, Galleywood C secured the division four title with two matches to spare. Colin Blore (93% win-rate), Will Goodchild (85%) and Nathan Blore (65%) have carried the bulk of the load this season but have been well assisted by Gary Copsey, Bryn Thomas, Mark Glenister, Ron Salton and Steve Peacock.

Division 1

Chris Penrose’s treble wasn’t enough to prevent third-placed Danbury A falling to a 6-4 away loss at the hands of Chelmsford B. Penrose beat Kim Shead and Aidan Lees in straight games having had to battle back from 2-0 down against Omar Wasi. Lees and Wasi both beat Bruce Kettle over four games and Dave Richardson in three before teaming up together to beat the Danbury duo over five games.

There were no surprises in the battle between leaders Old Chelmsfordians A and bottom of the table Galleywood A as the title favourites cruised to a 10-0 win. OCA’s Keiran Lally was pushed to a deciding game in his matches with James Hicks and Peter Barrett.

Ian Wall and Sam Lowman fired trebles as Danbury B got the better of clubmates Danbury C by a 6-4 scoreline. Lowman dropped just one game while Wall recovered from 2-0 down to beat Trevor Lloyd in five.

Standings div 1: 1: Old Chelmsfordians A 140 points (from 18 matches), 2: Chelmsford A 120 points (17 matches), 3: Danbury A 105 points (19 matches).

Division 2

An Alastair Piper hat-trick helped Hatfield Peverel move to within a point of the division two summit with a 7-3 away triumph at Chelmsford D. Piper recovered from a game down to beat both Dusan Doszkoty and Sami Osman in four games while teammate Julie Johnson was involved in three games which went the distance – beating Adi Kamma having trailed 2-0 but missing out to both Osman and Doszkoty in deciders.

Third-placed Maldon A and fourth-placed Writtle C were both held to 5-5 draws in their respective matches Mick Richardson won three in OCA B’s draw at Maldon A – he beat Ross Kirby in three, Lloyd Bennett-Smith in four and Hamish Innes in five. Innes’ loss to Richardson was sandwiched between 3-2 victories against David Porter and Michael Hayes.

Sanjay Saptarshi continued his excellent division two season with another three wins as his Danbury D side drew at Writtle C. John Webber and Gary Ward won twice each for the hosts and teamed together to turn a 0-2 scoreline into a 3-2 doubles success versus Saptarshi and Eamonn Hall.

Sixth-placed Writtle B kept their name in the hat with regards to a third-place finish by winning 7-3 away at Danbury E. Matthew Brown led the way for the visitors with three wins while teammates Phil Smith and Richard Storey missed out on trebles of their own in fifth game deciders.

Gus Heath and Chris Buer went undefeated as Danbury F beat Danbury G 8-2. Heath dropped just one game in his three wins while Denis Balic pushed Chris Buer to a fifth game decider which Buer won 11-9.

Standings div 2: 1: Chelmsford C 111 points (from 17 matches), 2: Hatfield Peverel A 110 points (from 17 matches), 3: Maldon A 97 points (17 matches)

Division 3

Three wins apiece for Gary Copsey and John Holland enabled division three leaders Galleywood B to ease to an 8-2 win against Writtle E. Copsey didn’t drop a game in his individual matches while Holland was taken to a fifth-game decider by Dave Moles. Copsey and Bryn Thomas recovered from 2-1 down to win the doubles match with Malcolm Storey and Neil Thompson.

An Ian Whiteside treble backed by two Tim Pulham wins boosted third-placed Danbury H to a 6-4 victory over second-placed Buttsbury A. Whiteside beat Evie Knaapen and Kevin Willis in straight games while taking four to beat Paul Sturton. Sturton and Knaapen got the better of Whiteside and Pulham in the doubles in three games.

Alesha Ellis-Austin won all three of her singles matches as Chelmsford E won 6-4 at Hatfield Peverel B. Rev Matthews won twice but was undone by Neil Freeman who won twice himself but was beaten over four games by Ellis-Austin.

Pete Layzell fired a hat-trick while teammates Trevor Collin and Malcolm Henstock won twice each as Writtle D won 8-2 over Danbury K. Layzell had to recover from 2-0 down to Dave Powell for the first of his wins – Powell avoided a repeat in his next match as he fended off a Trevor Collin fightback for victory in the decider.

Danbury J posted a 5-5 home draw with OCA C despite a treble by Peter Hance. Luke Richardson and Tom Barker won two each for the visitors but succumbed to Hance – both over five games with Richardson spurning a 2-0 lead.

Standings div 3: 1: Galleywood B 127 points (from 17 matches), 2: Buttsbury A 118 points (17 matches), 3: Danbury H 93 points (from 16 matches).

Division 4

Galleywood C became the division four champions following a 10-0 away win at Hatfield Peverel D – their 16th successive win of the season. Nathan Blore, Will Goodchild and Colin Blore dropped just two games during the evening as Galleywood secured the title.

Cleon Fernandes hit another treble as second-placed Chelmsford G won 8-2 at Danbury L. Fernandes was made to work hard in his opening encounter with John Manning which was only decided in the fifth game – Paul Thirkettle and Salih Salim also battled to a decider which Salim was finally able to secure with a 17-15 scoreline.

Brian Riedling and Chris Ravenhill won three apiece as Maldon B won 9-1 at home to OCA D. David Bishop won the only match of the night for the visitors while teammate Russell Hall pushed both Ravenhill and Marty Englander to a deciding game.

Lucy Elliott was unbeaten as Buttsbury B beat the two-person team of Hatfield Peverel C 8-2. Elliott beat Peter Mortensen in three straight games but had to recover from 2-1 down to overcome Andy Whiley. Mortensen earned both points for the visitors – his win over Jenne Seibolt over five games.

Standings div 4: C: Galleywood C 134 points (from 16 matches), 2: Chelmsford G 110 matches (from 16 matches), 3: Maldon B 99 points (from 15 matches)

Division 5

Danbury M continued their march towards the division five title with a 6-4 win at Anglia Ruskin despite a fine treble by Kelvin Edeh. Steve Martin gave Edeh his biggest test of the evening with a five-game encounter while ARU’s Gerald Amuta got the better of Graham Naggs by the same 3-2 scoreline.

Mark Nolan and David Parker were undefeated as Chelmsford J beat Maldon C 7-3. Parker had to fight back from 2-1 down in order to get the better of James Raymond.

Torsten Greenan and Francesca Hart won three matches each as Buttsbury beat third-placed Chelmsford H 8-2. All of Hart’s three wins were via fifth game deciders while Greenan and Freya Hart teamed to win 3-2 in the doubles.

David Cockrell and Martin Goddard were treble winners as Highwood B won 9-1 at OCA E while Galleywood C posted a 10-0 scoreline over Hatfield Peverel F who were only able to field one player.

Standings div 5: 1: Danbury M 124 points (from 17 matches), 2: Chelmsford J 101 points (17 matches), 3: Chelmsford H 96 points (from 17 matches).

Chelmsford Junior League division 2A

Charlie Ware won both of his matches as the Hutton Hawks moved to the top of CJL division 2A despite a 3-2 home loss against Danbury Dragons. All four singles matches resulted in 3-0 outcomes with Oliver Martin and Peter Harverson fighting back from 2-1 down to win the doubles encounter.

Standings CJL 2A: 1: Hutton Hawks 14 points (5 matches), 2: Buttsbury Bears 13 points (from 4 matches)

Chelmsford Junior League division 2B

Billy Andrews and Martis Heyes went undefeated as the Hutton Harriers advanced to the top of CJL division 2B with a 5-0 home win over Hutton Hyenas Vicente Deco put up good resistance – taking Andrews to four games and Heyes to five.

George Matthews won twice as the Chelmsford Leopards beat the Chelmsford Tigers 4-1. Matthews came back from 2-1 down to beat Neriyan Tharmassas with the 14-12 scoreline in the decider, a testament to how close the encounter was.

Standings CJL 2B: 1: Hutton Harriers 18 points (5 matches), 2: Buttsbury Bulldogs 15 points (from 4 matches)

Chelmsford Junior League division 2C

The Chelmsford Panthers advanced to five wins from five matches in CJL division 2C thanks to a 4-1 home win against the Chelmsford Rhinos. Nathanael Slade won both of his matches 3-0 while teammate Archie Spurrier had a more eventful afternoon – letting slip a 2-0 lead against Vivaan Deshpande before fighting back from a 2-0 deficit in his match with Theo Peiris.

The Hutton Hammerheads beat the one-person team of Chelmsford Jaguars 4-1. Jaguars’ Sean Kwan got the better of Rayan Ladva before Hutton’s James Williamson beat Kwan.

Standings CJL 2C: 1: Chelmsford Panthers 22 points (from 5 matches), 2: Chelmsford Jaguars 18 points (5 matches)

Chelmsford Junior League division 2D

Zac Berry’s two wins weren’t quite enough to prevent the Buttsbury Bees falling to a 3-2 defeat at the Hutton Hares. Berry opened with a 3-2 win over Lockie Stewart before beating Jonny Pocock in four. Pocock and Stewart got the better of Berry and Abhir Kandagiri in the doubles to earn the win for the Hares.

Ishar Srivastava won twice as the Chelmsford Pumas moved to the top of division 2D with a 4-1 win over Chelmsford Lions. Srivastava dropped the first game of both matches before recovering to win 3-1 and then teamed with Hari Gumbeer for a 3-0 win in the doubles.

Standings CJL 2D: 1: Chelmsford Pumas 19 points (5 matches) 2: Buttsbury Bats 16 points (from 4 matches).