The Archives, Museum & Records Committee is seeking information about the early days of Table Tennis England, under its former names of ‘Ping-Pong Association’ (PPA) and ‘Table Tennis Association’ (TTA). 

This could be in the form of handbooks, meetings, notices and records, match programmes and results, newspaper reports, pictures and anything else relating to English table tennis in the period 1921-26.

We are looking also for the finalists and finals scores of the 2006 National Junior/Cadet Championships, which were held in Doncaster on April 15-16, 2006.

Additionally, if you have any information, programmes or photographs from Commonwealth Championships, please could you get in touch as the Commonwealth Federation Table Tennis website is no longer available. This had a tremendous amount of information and numerous photographs which are no longer accessible.

If anyone has, or knows the whereabouts of, any of these items will they please contact the Chair of the Committee, Diane Webb, by email [email protected] or phone 01424 216342. Original documents will be photocopied and returned or can be sent electronically.