Sports Psychology Workshop (FREE) – Online

Celebrating UK Coaching Week in the South West

Aimed at all levels of coaches working with all levels of Table Tennis players.

Providing effective tools and techniques

An informal interactive session on how coaches can support their athletes to cultivate and maintain ‘the performance zone.’ It will highlight the importance of an individualised approach to preparing players for competition. It will also include reflectionng back and evaluating competitive performance. 

30th April – 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm (+ 30 mins) for a Q&A

Hosted by the South West Local Organising Group (LOG) in partnership with Nick Davidson of SGS College, with special guest Sarah Majid – Sports & Performance Psychologist.

How do you prepare your players for a game or tournament?

Find a quiet spot, listen to music, soak in the atmosphere, reflect on the last game, have routines, another way?

“I am very excited to be working with Sarah Majid. She has a wealth of knowledge gained from working with athletes and coaches across many sports including table tennis. As an athlete herself, she understands the power of the relationship between a coach and a competitor, and is a passionate advocate for a personalised approach when it comes to competition preparation.

My hope is that coaches will find this a thought provoking evening and they will leave not only with practical tools but also a thirst for how they can develop their coaching further, taking their players to the next level.” Amanda Leonard Area Manager – South West

This is the first in a series of South West Coach networking events. To sign up Click Here

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