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Special thanks to Derek Connop at Portishead & Mick Hogan at Weymouth (Preston) Table Tennis Clubs for a very warm welcome. Portishead had a fantastic mix of Juniors of all levels and seniors. I was beaten fair and square by a novice 9 year old (I suspect that he will be top 10 in England soon as that can be the only explanation!). In Weymouth I was struck by how friendly everyone was with a play everyone ethos that has seen the club grow from Strength to strength.

This month has been a little less out and about, and more taking stock of all that I have learned so far about the sport and the programmes Table Tennis England has created to support development of the sport.

The programmes include Ping in the Community, TT Kidz, Ping Pong Parlours, Bat & Chat and Young Ambassadors. Many of you will be aware of and possibly have been using some or all of them. They are having a bit of a facelift ready for 2024/25 season, ensuring that they have a more efficient back office and that they offer ‘more bang for their buck’ in terms of developing table tennis.

Watch this space for case studies and further information including online Q&A sessions.

On a personal note, I had a week off and visited the very beautiful Dorset coast. Never been a ‘9 to 5er’, I took in the road network, looking at patterns of travel and where people may gravitate. It prompted me to ponder on how you develop table tennis effectively in such sparsely populated areas. Perhaps someone has solved this already?!

If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know. And send through any photos, news or something that you are really proud of and I’ll share it across the South West. [email protected]

Gloucestershire Table Tennis Association – Junior Closed

It’s been a busy month in Gloucestershire with both the Junior County Closed and the County Closed. Thank you to Lesley Slack the County Secretary for the featured image. Congratulations to all the players, coaches and special thanks to the Officials and Tournament Organisers. The smiling faces say it all.

If you would like to find out more about the competitions and other news from Gloucestershire

If you have any news and photos you would like to share please let me know.

Mixed doubles finalists in the Gloucestershire Open.
Love a bit of mapping?

If numbers and dots on a map are not really your thing, or it’s starting to feel a bit fuzzy, skip to the next section which has a bit more pong AND ping!

Ever wondered what happens to all that information that you upload when you join Table Tennis England?

When planning and prioritising, the information is invaluable. The staff at Table Tennis England are able to create maps and summary tables to answer questions. There is the ability to overlay demographic information and to present it at a very local level or looking at the national picture.

Having put together this information for the first Local Organising Group I thought that you may be interested in the document below which you can download.

The capacity to manipulate data has been used three times already, to inform the Local Organising Group, in discussions with Somerset to set the scene for their County Plan and to support a funding application to Sport England by Joola Plymouth where Indicies of Multiple Deprivation were also presented.

Mark Bates Ltd Under 10 – Under 13 National Championships 2024
Do you have any talented under 13’s? (Ranked or not)

This season, the U11 & U13 National Championships is evolving to become a broader U10, U11, U12 & U13 event and will be an open competition. All events are unrestricted by ranking, including doubles at U12 and U13 age-groups, therefore players do not need a ranking to gain entry to the event nor do they need to be invited, though do need experience of competitive competition. These changes provide more youth opportunities without the proviso of needing to have an existing national ranking.

The Event is on 8th & 9th June at WV Active Aldersley in Wolverhampton.

The Deadline for entry is midnight on 8th May.

Courses in the South West
Tournament Organiser

Online course dates will be release over the coming weeks.

Level 1 Umpire Award

Cornwall Table Tennis Centre 14th September – Organised by Kelly Plumb

A few places available.

Near you……

Interested in becoming an Umpire? And cannot make this date?

The plan is to organise at least one other course within the area, further north and east.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a course please let me know. [email protected]

Level 1 Coach Courses

Cornwall Table Tennis Centre 28th April & 30th June – Organised by Kelly Plumb


Nailsworth Table Tennis Club, Stroud 26th May & 7th July – Organised by Cliff Jordan

Places available – 6 coaches currently registered.

Level 2 Coach

Bristol SGS College 13th July, 14th July & 7th September – Tutor Emma Harradine

Places available – 6 coaches currently registered.

Thank you for all you do

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