Following the Mark Bates Ltd National Championships Qualifying Tournament at the weekend, the field for the Nationals in March is taking shape.

We know 30 of the 32 competitors who have a men’s or women’s singles place at the Mark Bates Ltd Senior National Championships back at the David Ross Sports Village.

The top 16 players in the men’s and women’s rankings in December had already been invited, while 14 in each competition secured their places at the weekend. The fields of 32 will be completed by two wildcard places.

If any of those who have a place are unable to play, then individuals who finished 15th and below in the qualifying tournament can be invited to the Nationals – in finishing order.

The Mark Bates Ltd Senior Nationals take place from March 22-24 – look out for details of how to buy tickets in the next few days!

Women’s Singles

1Tin-Tin Ho1Sienna Jetha
2Mollie Patterson2Erin Green
3Emily Bolton3Anaya Patel
4Tianer Yu4Millie Rogove
5Mari Baldwin5Mabel Shute
6Jasmin Wong6Bethany Ellis
7Lois Peake7Rebecca Savage
8Karina Le Fevre8Rachael Iles
9Scarlett Anders9Xiaoman Ji
10Lauren Charles10Sophie Ackred
11Ella Pashley11Naomi Coker
12Anna Green12Sally Hughes
13Bethany O’Connell13Saskia Key
14Letitia McMullan14Mya Sultan
15Amy Marriott
16Megan Jones

Men’s Singles

1Liam Pitchford1Larry Trumpauskas
2Paul Drinkhall2Ben Piggott
3Tom Jarvis3Joe Sawyer
4Sam Walker4Rohan Dani
5David McBeath5Ralph Pattison
6Chris Doran6Graeme Barella
7Andrew Baggaley7Nahom Asgedom
8Connor Green8Maxim Stevens
9Darius Knight9Aaron McKibbin
10Shayan Siraj10Jakub Piwowar
11Sam Mabey11Joseph Langham-Ferreira
12Toby Ellis12Shaquille Webb-Dixon
13Josh Bennett13Bryan Kwan
14Joseph Hunter14Artur Veeck Caltabiano
15Felix Thomis
16Lorestas Trumpauskas