Area Networks Explained

What are Area Networks?

Area Networks are the localised presence of Table Tennis England designed to work with and connect table tennis communities and external partners together on a local level. They provide greater engagement opportunities, support the growth and visibility of the sport and encourage working as part of a wider system in a way the sport hasn’t before.

There are 7 Area Networks in England, split geographically and each is led by an Area Manager. Counties, clubs, leagues and the more informal and social aspects of the game including Ping activity are all part of the Network. Counties and Leagues in particular play a vital part in supporting the sport across their relevant geographical areas in the Area Network.

Each Area Network has a Local Delivery Plan which focuses on key, specific activity that supports the delivery of priorities in the Implementation Plan and priorities in Table Tennis United.

What are Local Organising Groups?

Local Organising Groups will be established across the 7 Area Networks, be chaired by the Area Chair and made up of skilled and dynamic participants in the table tennis community along with external partners that see table tennis as a key component in supporting outcomes locally. Together the combined skillset and strong local partnerships within the LOG can support the delivery of the Local Delivery Plans and support the wider Area Network where required.

What are Community Table Tennis Partnerships?

Community Table Tennis Partnerships (CTTPs) are local geographic areas based around a town, city or small cluster of towns where the data and insight from across the sport and using demographic data and local partner knowledge tells us there are opportunities to develop the sport in those areas. These will then receive dedicated, focussed support from the Area Manager and Area Chair and the Local Organising Group and will work closely with local partners to establish, develop and sustain activity that achieves the priorities and goals laid out in Table Tennis United. Counties, clubs, leagues and other table tennis activity that exists in that CTTP space will be engaged to support the work that happens.

CTTPs will continue to evolve with the goal that activity set up is sustained by local clubs, leagues and organisations. This enables more CTTPs to be established across different parts of the Area Network that demonstrates potential impact can be made through the data, insight and information from the sport, societal data and local partners. CTTP work will make up a large proportion of the activity within Local Delivery Plans.

Area Manager Priorities

Between 70-80% of the Area Manager’s work programme will be focussed on delivering the Local Delivery Plan and the relevant Community Table Tennis Partnerships with 20-30% focussed on supporting the wider Area Network including counties, leagues and club support. All Table Tennis England affiliated clubs, leagues and counties can contact their Area Manager for support when required and they are your local resource.

The local offer and the make up of Area Networks:
Community Table Tennis Partnerships

The following are the Community Table Tennis Partnerships which have been identified until March 2024:

Local Delivery Plans

Download Area specific Local Delivery Plans below: