The table tennis family have once again come together to ensure the incredible efforts of our inspirational Volunteers and Young Volunteers in our Clubs and Leagues up and down the country do not go unnoticed in this year’s Pride of Table Tennis awards.

We received more than 100 nominations to celebrate and honour the fantastic contributions that have been made as we have returned to play during such uncertain times.

From setting up tables, organising competitions, reaching out to members, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment, developing sessions or performing administrative tasks, volunteers have once again gone above and beyond to ensure Clubs and Leagues are able to thrive.

Johnathon Driscoll, who leads the Pride of Table Tennis Awards at Table Tennis England, said: “Congratulations to all of the local Pride of Table Tennis Award winners at their Clubs and Leagues this year!

“Volunteers and young volunteers are the heartbeat of table tennis and the level of nominations submitted this year is truly inspirational. The last year has again been a difficult time for everyone, however, the tireless contributions from our passionate and outstanding volunteers have ensured play has returned safely and people are able to enjoy table tennis once more.”

This year’s Pride of Table Tennis awards are being celebrated at local and national level to ensure volunteers, our sport’s lifeblood, are honoured. 

Below are the names of our amazing Club and League Volunteer and Young Volunteer of the Year winners. Congratulations and thank you to everyone for their fantastic efforts.


Club Volunteer of the Year
Steve Adams (Knighton Park TTC)
Dale Ajeto (Wensum TTC)
Tajudeen Alao (Irving TTC)
Ken Baker (Littleton TTC)
Andrew Beastall (Cheslyn Hay TTC)
Toni Bonnici (Maylands Green TTC)
Kye Bradley (Durham City TTC)
Nigel Cock (Mounts Bay TTC)
Mike Cooksley (Generation 2 TTC)
Briony Cooney (Speedwell TT Academy)
Richard Cottle (DenhamTTC)
Jim Cross (Fernhurst TTC)
Jeff Davies (Waterside TTC)
Rita Dixon (Brandon TTC, Durham)
Brian Dixon (Maldon TTC)
Michael Fox (Merriott TTC)
Colin French (Waterside TTC)
Keith Hardman (Bath Street Marine TTC)
Peter Hau (Whittlesey TTC)
Julian Hawkins Petersfield TTC)
Chris Haynes (Corby Town TTC)
Brett Holt (Crawley Community TTC)
Pete Humble (Rudford and Highleadon TTC)
Muz Janoowalla (Barnet Table Tennis Centre)
Paul Nicol (Chelmsford TTC)
Raj Patel (Kingfisher TTC)
Alan Perry (Brandon TTC)
Andrew Petrou (Frenford TTC)
Jason Ramage (Nottingham TTC)
Pedro Santos (Worthing TTC)
Michael Savill (Polegate TTC)
Phillip Smith (Bedwell TTC)
Tony Smith (Petersfield TTC)
John Spencer (Brandon TTC)
Brenda Stephenson (Ormesby TTC)
Jenny Swain (Ashford TTC)
Kevin Taylor (Stratford upon Avon TTC)
Amila Thilakarathna (Crawley Community TTC)
Trevor Towner (Bexhillians TTC)
Shirley Treanor (Haworth Hawks TTC)
Dale Ward (Harrogate Racquets Club)
Paul Whiting (Joola Plymouth)

Club Young Volunteer of the Year
Tarkan Ates (Crawley Community TTC)
Oscar Bentley (Knighton Park TTC)
Daniel Bullen (St Neots TTC)
Anna Cole (Littleton TTC)
Joe Fortnum-Adams (Britannia TTC)
Damien Henderson (Brandon TTC)
Tom Konarski (Cliffedale Chandlers TTC)
Ryan Lunn (Halton TTC)
Tejas Mungale (Kingfisher TTC)
Edie Newman-Dewhurst (Cape Cornwall TTC)
Daniel Oluwamayowa (London Academy)
Joseph Race (Barnsley TTC)
George Stenner (SGS TTC, Bristol)
Holly Williams (Swerve TTC)

League Volunteer of the Year
Chris Beckley (Central London TTL)
David Bissett (Sunderland & District TTL)
Jevon Chan (Stockton and District TTL)
Bob Coull (Central London TTL)
John Cudley (Wilmslow TTL)
David Godbold (Sunderland & District TTL)
Jayne Johnson (Southend and District TTL)
Adrian Jones (Birmingham & District TTA)
Deirdre Kiziak (Wellingborough & District TTL)
Adam Laws (Guildford TTL)
Roger Neal (Southport & District TTL)
Dennis Shaw (Castleford and Pontefract League)
Tony Smith (Haslemere TTL)

League Young Volunteer of the Year
Ahab Iqbal (Leicester and District TTL)

Those nominated at local level have now been forwarded to our national awards, with the winners being revealed at our Centenary Gala Dinner in March.  

Those nominated at local level (Club and League Volunteers and Young Volunteers) have or will be awarded a certificate to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Below are some photos from the local presentations.

Phillip Smith (Bedwell TTC)
Edie Newman-Dewhurst (Cape Cornwall TTC)
Mike Cooksley (Generation 2 TTC)
Tajudeen Alao (Irving TTC)
Joe Fortnum-Adams (Britannia TTC)
George Stenner (SGS Community College TTC)
Peter Hau (Whittlesey TTC)
Brenda Stephenson (Ormesby TTC)