Resolutions concerning Elected Directors, affiliation fees and governance were among those approved at the Table Tennis England AGM and Annual Conference on Saturday.

The AGM was a ‘hybrid’ meeting held in person and online. There were a total of 13 Resolutions on the agenda, of which eight were Special Resolutions.

The full list of Resolutions and the rationale behind them can be seen on the General Meetings page of this website.

Special Resolutions, which propose changes to the Articles or seek to issue instructions to the Board (as distinct from advice or suggestions), require a 75% majority to pass and Ordinary Resolutions require a simple majority.

The Resolutions which passed were Nos 1-10 and the main changes are summarised as follows.

  • With immediate effect, Company Members shall elect four Directors, rather than the current three.
  • Affiliation fees are set at £18 for Senior Compete and £9 for Junior Compete/ Compete Plus will remain at a £22 upgrade for Seniors and £11 for Juniors. Full details of membership fees for 2022/23 will be published on this website shortly.
  • With immediate effect, affiliation fees to be set by the Board and not at the AGM.

Resolutions No 11 and 13 were not approved, having received less than the percentage of votes required. Resolution No 12 was withdrawn.

All relevant amendments will be made to the Articles and logged at Companies House and published on our website.

The full minutes of the AGM, summarising discussions and voting on each Resolution, has been published on the General Meetings page of this website.

Also at the AGM and Annual Conference, those receiving Honours were announced. They include National Council Chair Estyn Williams, who becomes an Honorary Life Member, and eight new Vice-Presidents.

Click here to read about all those honoured

Delegates were also shown a video review of the year, which can be watched below.