It’s Time to Play

Inspired by the Commonwealth Games? There’s no time like the present to get your family round the table!

Enjoy some family fun around the table.

No, we’re not talking about meals or board games around the dining table. We’re talking fun and fast-moving games of table tennis. It’s a great sport for everyone, regardless of age, fitness or skill. And it will help your family spend quality time together. So why not discover a place where you can all play near you.

Arrange a different kind of family shopping trip

Looking for a fun way to keep the family entertained which doesn’t cost a fortune? Ping Pong Parlours take over empty shop spaces and turn them into playing arenas – what’s more they are absolutely FREE to play in! You don’t need to book, bring your own equipment or even wear special clothing or footwear – just enjoy active time together while learning a new sport! To find your nearest Ping Pong Parlour visit the map and tick the ‘Ping Pong Parlour’ filter.

TT Kidz

TT Kidz serves up an unbeatable experience for children aged between 7-11. It’s the perfect way for them to learn new skills, meet new friends, get fit and most importantly – have fun! 

It’s Time To Play

Inspired by the Commonwealth Games? We have joined forces with clubs and organisations across the country to bring you a whole host of fun events and activities, many of them free. For more information visit our Get Involved in the Games pages.