Articles and regulations

The Company’s governance is prescribed by its Articles which may only be amended by a 75% majority at a General Meeting.

Articles of Association

This section is current as at July 17, 2022

Table Tennis England is the National Governing Body for the sport in England. In law it is a limited company (with the legal name “English Table Tennis Association Limited”) which trades as Table Tennis England.

The Company’s governance is prescribed by its Articles which may be amended only by a 75% majority at a General Meeting.

The Articles themselves only specify the key governance arrangements but they also empower the Board of Directors to establish, and when necessary amend, regulations to apply the Articles for the effective operation of the Company. These regulations can be downloaded below.

Rules of table tennis (Laws)

This section is correct as of December 23, 2021

Table Tennis England’s Articles provide that (unless otherwise decided by special resolution at a general meeting) the Laws of Table Tennis in England shall be those laid down by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). These can be downloaded below. A list of ITTF-approved equipment can be found by clicking here.

Just starting out in table tennis? Click here for a guide to the basic rules.

Regulations for Competitions

This section is current as at August 21, 2023

ITTF regulates international competitions. It publishes Regulations for International Competitions on its website as part of the ITTF Statutes.

Table Tennis England regulates national and local competitions. The Regulated Competitions regulations are attached below. (These used to be called the competitive table tennis regulations and this phrase may still be present in some older documents).

Regulated Competitions covers competitions authorised by Table Tennis England and affiliated organisations other than internal club competitions. It is based largely on the international regulations and incorporates many of them by reference. International regulations concerning the racket and the ball have been adopted as National By-Laws and are mandatory for all regulated competitions in England. Regulations vary according to the grade of competition. The organisers state the grade and any deviations from the standard on the entry form.