The National Cadet League saw more than 48 players competing over four weekends at Fusion TTC in South London.

The league is a grassroots competition aimed at players under the age of 15, looking to experience a competition early on in their career, with events across the country.

The event held at Fusion in South Bermondsey attracted 12 teams from across London and the club thanks the players, organisers, coaches and parents who took the time to make competition a success.

The final day was on Sunday March 10 and the competition unfolded with exciting matches, leaving onlookers in admiration of the exceptional skill displayed by the players. The competition was fierce, the energy was intense, and the young talents left an indelible mark on the competition.

The day was not just a competition but a celebration of grassroots table tennis, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

Division One Dominance: Fusion Table Tennis Club Triumphs

In an exhilarating display of talent, Fusion Table Tennis Club’s young trio – Robert Coe, Lalu Awosika, and Yat Yin Sean Cheng – emerged victorious in Division One, each winning 100% of their matches. Their dominance was unparalleled as they swept through all their matches with a commanding 9-0 victory in each, securing the gold medal.

Evan Muk Yin Law of Cumberland TTC put up a valiant effort but ultimately settled for the runner-up position in the averages in this highly contested division. Evan finished the weekend with 66% win-rate.

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The winning Fusion line-up

Division Two Thriller: Oaks Table Tennis Club Claims Victory

Division 2 witnessed a nail-biting competition, with Oaks TTC from West London emerging triumphant. Dominic Cotier & Michael Hill were standout players for The Oaks, helping them to secure the top spot with a three-game lead, showcasing their determination and skill.  

Crusaders, from South London, closely followed as the runners-up, ensuring a tight competition that kept everybody on the edge of their seats.

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Division Two winners Oaks

Division 3: Cumberland Shines Again

Division Three saw Cumberland TTC II clinching victory with a five-game lead over the resilient Fusion TTC IV team. Estelle Domingo, who achieved an 83% win-rate, led the Fusion TTC 4 team with commendable support from Calen Dawson and James Aggawal. The spirited competition in this division demonstrated the depth of talent in these young players. 

Congratulations go out to Cumberland TTC 2 who are the Division Three champions. They were led by the dominant Lucas Sabbag Secron, who achieved a 100% record, winning nine out of nine matches.

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Player of the Day: Harper Cole

Amidst the remarkable performances, Harper Cole stood out as the Player of the Day. His exceptional effort, outstanding performance, and commitment to fair play earned him this well-deserved accolade. Cole’s dedication to the sport was evident, leaving an impression that will likely inspire his peers.