There’s only one year to go until the top athletes in the Commonwealth gather in Birmingham for the 2022 Commonwealth Games!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the one-year countdown and the city’s Centenary Square offered people of the West Midlands a chance to experience multiple different Commonwealth sports yesterday, from Cricket to Judo, and of course – table tennis!

With four table tennis tables, and despite the on and off thunderstorms, there was never a table empty as children, families and work colleagues took up a bat. Even the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Commonwealth Games, Nigel Huddleston gave it a go in a tightly fought doubles match.

Special appearances came from stars of the game, Charlotte Bardsley, Dan Bullen and Craig Allen. The public even got to take on the athletes and watch them in exhibition matches. 

Table tennis will feature every day at the Commonwealth Games next year – have a look at the full schedule for the games here. 

Birmingham 2022 have now announced that the main ballot for tickets to the Commonwealth Games will open on September the 8th, starting from as little as just £8. Click here to find out more info. 

If you’d like to experience the games in an unforgettable way, why not volunteer? Join the Commonwealth Collective and apply today!