Free membership for under-11s, a summer league option, one-off tournament passes and new discounted rates are among the exciting introductions to our membership packages for the 2024/25 season.

Following extensive consultation throughout the sport – including current members, those playing regularly but who are not current members, and new audiences – we have introduced some more flexible options.

Here is what our members told us and how we have incorporated their views into our memberships.

It’s not fair I have to pay the same price for my membership if I join late in the season.
We agree and have introduced a price reduction for anyone joining after March 31 each season.

I only want to play in a summer league, why do I have to pay a full year’s membership?
Now you don’t – from next spring we will have a Summer League membership allowing you to play in local summer leagues between April and August, fully insured and with all the other benefits of membership.

More people would play in tournaments if they didn’t have to take out membership
For 2024/25, we are introducing a new One-time Tournament Pass to enable non-members to sample zonal or national competitions at Compete or Compete Plus level.

We need more young people playing our sport.
Absolutely! More under-11s in the sport is a key strategic priority for us, and our programmes have been developed to achieve this. From 2024/25, membership for under-11s will be completely free of charge, giving them access to competitions to help their playing development – plus access to TTE.TV, where they can be inspired by watching the heroes of the sport!

These changes aim to make table tennis more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. They will apply from the start of the 2024/25 season on August 1. Details of how to renew or join – and when payments will be taken for those on Direct Debit or auto-renew – will be communicated soon.

In addition to the above, Supporter and Club Play membership remain free or charge, while the cost of Compete and Compete Plus memberships have been slightly increased for the first time in two years. These increases, which amount to just a few pence a month, reflect that we are operating in an ever more expensive world and will support to enable our commitment to introduce more young people to the game at an earlier age, nurturing young talent, encouraging new audiences to engage and ensuring sustainability and growth within the sport. 

Full details of all our packages can be found on our membership pages.

Paid Membership gives access to: 

  • Local and national competitions  
  • A national ranking and/or rating 
  • Personal accident and public liability insurance 
  • Free live and on-demand content on our dedicated TV channel, TTE.TV – watch the best players in England and internationally  
  • Priority access to tickets – including the WTT series hosted in England 
  • Personalised communications keeping you up to date on the things in the sport that really matter most and are of interest to you!  
  • Mark Bates benefits club 
  • Monthly giveaways  

Membership fees ensure:  

  • Children and vulnerable adults are safe in our sport 
  • An English team and the player development programmes to support elite juniors reach the top level of the sport 
  • You know what’s going on in the sport, in England and globally and England’s voice is represented and heard 
  • Competitions – and the technology to organise and manage them
  • Major events are hosted in England 
  • Clubs are supported to develop and grow 
  • Under-represented groups can gain access  
  • Public and private funds are brought into the sport 
  • Profile and visibility of the sport is improved  
  • The history of the sport is preserved