A new feature in LinQsport is providing an opportunity for table tennis clubs to improve the way they communicate with, and organise events for, their members.

The LinQsport “Clubs” feature allows clubs and other groups to create a community within the app under the “Clubs” tab.

This feature is ideal for those who simply want to organise an event or social group, using the latest technology available to the table tennis world.

Table tennis clubs such as NETT (North East Table Tennis) and Keynsham TTC in Bristol have raced ahead and started using the LinQsport Clubs feature to create a central hub for their players, once joined, to communicate, schedule their table tennis sessions and share content.

There is also a newly created Club called the Ping! Players Club, which updates on the Ping! programme as well as carrying posts from those playing on outdoor tables, sharing tips for playing outdoors, providing venue updates, arranging to meet like-minded players and so on.

LinQsport Clubs allows people to stay connected, follow, post, share, like and message as their community grows, and to promote sessions in the Clubs section, or in the main home section.

Clubs and content posted in the app can be shared across all mainstream social platforms to widen a club’s exposure and generate a deeper pool of interest.

Notifications (for those who have notifications switched on), allows the Club administrator to manage attendance, manage invites and acceptances etc, and keeps club members informed of any new content such as posts, new events and messages etc.

An administrator also has the ability to add others to the admin control of the Club. Private mode is also available for Clubs wanting to limit their sessions and populate them solely through invitation only.

In addition, the Clubs feature can also be used to host and promote one-off events and social gatherings, using the “Invite Others” feature to invite people who have already downloaded the app, and “Share Club” feature that will send a link to join the app and the club.

LinQsport Clubs is a must for Club hosts, taking the pain away from trying to manage communication and scheduling sessions via traditional means such as text, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp.