Table Tennis England is pleased to announce an expansion to our partnership with Rocca Creative to develop a new online Club management tool – TT Clubs.

The platform will provide PremierClubs with access to a variety of modules all designed to reduce the day-to-day administration attached to running a club. Modules provided will include:

  • Customisable Club website
  • Contact management system including the ability to group and email your members and contacts
  • Membership management, enabling clubs to create membership packages, and players to manage their club and Table Tennis England membership
  • Bookings management, enabling clubs to take bookings for tables and sessions

TT Clubs will also provide users with the following features:

  • Integration with TT Memberships, enabling member information to be stored in one place
  • Access to software to run intra-club competitions
  • TT Leagues data and information displayed on your club website
  • Access to an administrator dashboard to provide insight into club activity and trends

Due to launch in the summer, TT Clubs will take the place of the current ClubSpark platform. We will be working closely with users of the ClubSpark platform to ease the transition as much as possible.

Consultation with existing ClubSpark users has been instrumental in informing the way forward for the TT Clubs platform, which will be developed with table tennis at its heart.

We will be sharing further information in the coming months, including details of how clubs can get involved and the support available.

* Table Tennis England’s TT Leagues platform, developed alongside Rocca Creative, was one of six software solutions shortlisted for the Best Operations, Commerce and Event Management Technology category at the 2021 Sports Technology Awards.