Seven-year-old Maggie, who has Dyskentic Cerebral Palsy has been attending Swerve Table Tennis Centre and has shown incredible improvements with her co-ordination.

Dyskentic Cerebral Palsy is disease that affects muscle tone, movement, and co-ordination and results in involuntary movements.

This happens when her brain can’t properly send messages to muscles about how to move in a smooth or well co-ordinated way. Cerabal Palsy also affects her other body functions that involve motor skills and muscles.

Maggie can’t sit up properly and struggles standing. As a result, she isn’t able to walk unaided.

She has been going to Swerve TTC with her friend Olga for a few months now, and has shown incredible improvements in her co-ordination when she is really focused.

Now what you will see in the video is what I thought would be a massive ask. What we have is a plastic tube from a till roll with a table tennis ball balanced on the top of it, and what we ask our able-bodied players to do is to knock the ball off the roll without knocking the roll over this helps get the feel for generating top spin. Now if any of you have ever tried this you will realise how difficult it is at a beginner level never mind when you don’t have full body control.

Swerve TTC coach, Paul warters.

Maggie’s coach Paul, explained where to hit the ball and with what part of the bat and she absolutely nailed it first time.

Paul said: “If you look how focused she was it was truly amazing as a coach to witness this. Maggie is truly an inspiration with never quitting and always wants to play. Keep it up Maggie. We all love you.”

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