Women’s British League (WBL) is Table Tennis England’s premier club competition for female players, and is open to entrants from across the Home Nations (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man).

Ahead of the new season, the British League Committee are exploring a change to the WBL structure to allow existing and new teams to enter the league at a higher division, to best reflect the capability of the players in the team.

This is hoped to engender more entries into WBL and enable new and existing teams to find their place more quickly within the division structure.

We’re encouraging teams that have a good case to enter at a higher level to contact [email protected] as soon as possible to discuss this opportunity. Deadline for entries is Thursday 30th June.

To view the latest information about British League, including dates, venues, costs etc please click here.

The potential change to the WBL structure comes at a time where as an organisation we are striving towards gender parity within our sport, and are actively seeking new ways in which we can encourage female participation. Allowing teams to enter at a higher division will hopefully improve the standard of opponents and allow new teams at a lower level to feel more comfortable entering.

Neil Rogers, Head of Competitions and Events at Table Tennis England

34 teams competed across the five divisions of WBL last season, with around 140 players taking part. Our aspiration is to increase these figures going into the new season.

We recently launched a Facebook group for women in table tennis to create an online space where women can share experiences and opportunities with each other. If you are wanting to compete in WBL, JBL or VBL but don’t have a team, please feel free to join this group and ask if there are any opportunities to join an existing team.

You can find out more about our Women & Girls work here!

The minimum number of players per team at registration is three and there is no maximum.

The deadline to enter a team is Thursday 30th June – if you’re not wanting to enter your team at a higher division, click here register your team online.

Watch our video tutorial of how to enter a team online below: