Supporter membership

Perfect for fans, parents, volunteers and officials.

Who is Supporter membership for?

The Supporter membership is designed for those who don’t play but are involved or have a passion for the sport. This includes parents, volunteers, dedicated fans and officials who all contribute to the success of table tennis.

Whether you’re helping our young players grow, cheering for England, or providing crucial support at events, this membership is just for you.

Supporter membership is FREE.

Supporter membership includes:

Free access to exclusive content on TTE.TV, the home of English table tennis

Priority access for tickets to major events hosted by Table Tennis England

Regular news updates, member-only competitions and special offers from our partners


Supporter membership is FREE


Membership will last until the end of each playing season, which is usually 31-July.

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Our membership benefits are crafted to bring you closer to the action while rewarding your passion and support for table tennis. Here’s what you can look forward to as a member:

  • Regular email communications that are tailored to you with news, including updates on membership benefits, TTE.TV scheduling and events, as well as information and special offers
  • Priority access for tickets to major national and international events hosted by Table Tennis England
  • Free access to exclusive live and on demand content on TTE.TV
  • Member-only competitions to win exclusive prizes and experiences

We are  committed to making table tennis more accessible and growing the community. We aim to encourage those who love the sport—whether they are parents, fans, volunteers, or officials—to stay connected without any barriers. This membership not only allows you to be a part of the Table Tennis England family at no cost but also enhances your engagement with the sport through various exclusive benefits tailored specifically to you. It’s our way of saying thank you to the incredible individuals who support and uplift the table tennis community, helping us grow and thrive across all levels.

The Supporter category does not include individual player public liability insurance or personal accident insurance. If you play table tennis, you will need to consider a different membership category, either Club Play, Compete or Compete Plus dependent on your requirements.

If you volunteer for Table Tennis England or one of our affiliated clubs or leagues, you will be covered under the Table Tennis England Sports Liability Cover, which includes public liability insurance and personal accident insurance.

More information about the different levels of insurance.

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Or, renew or register over the phone with our customer service team by calling 01908 208860.


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