Two important resolutions at the upcoming Table Tennis England AGM on July 20 aim to safeguard our Sport England funding and increase member representation on the Board.

There are a total of 11 resolutions being put to the AGM, the majority of which are non-substantive motions intended to ‘tidy up’ the Articles, such as dealing with outdated terminology.

Click here to view all the resolutions and other documentation on the General Meetings page of this website.

Resolution 10 involves a small but vital change to the way people nominated for the role of Elected Director are put forward for election. This is essential to keep Table Tennis England in compliance with the Code for Sports Governance and therefore in receipt of public funding from Sport England.

Sport England has confirmed that passing Resolution 10 will ensure compliance, whereas remaining with the current wording is a threat to funding.

Resolution 11, which is contingent on Resolution 10 passing, proposes to increase the number of Elected Directors on the Board from four to five.

In the video below, Table Tennis England Chair, Nick Donald, outlines the importance of these two resolutions.

Resolutions are voted on at the AGM by Company Members as follows:

  • A director receives one vote unit.
  • A local league representative receives one vote unit for each player member in their league.
  • A national councillor (as county representative) receives vote units equal to the sum of the vote units held by all the local leagues affiliated to their county association.

The Companies Act requires proposals to amend the Articles achieve a 75% majority to pass.

* Registration is still open for the AGM. If you would like to attend, please register in advance. Please click the button below to register by 11.59pm on Sunday July 14.