Role Description for Scrutineers

Status: voluntary

Remuneration: Expenses

Location: working online from home, but may need to attend the Table Tennis England General Meeting if required

Number of vacancies: two

Closing Date: May 31st 2022

Job summary

You will work with the Returning Officer and fellow Scrutineers to supervise the Election of Directors and for voting at General Meetings. This is so that the voting process is managed in accordance with the relevant regulations and Articles and to ensure that a robust system is in place that allows for secure voting.

You will also play a part in National Council chair elections.

The work for Elections will involve tabulating votes made by the Company Members (who have the voting rights) over the electoral period (roughly two weeks), or confirming that another Scrutineer or the Returning Officer have correctly tabulated the votes.

For General Meetings we ensure that the proxy notices received during the two or so week period before the general meeting have been completed by the correct company members and that the appointed proxy has been informed that they hold the proxy on behalf of that Company Member. If the proxy appointed is the Chair of the meeting then these are tabulated so that the Chair can cast the votes during the general meeting in accordance with the directions given by each company member on their proxy notice.

At the General Meeting we ensure that voting is carried out by the Company Members at the requisite time and the votes counted correctly. Voting may take place physically or through an online portal.

Recommended reading

Terms of Reference for Returning Officer and Scrutineers

Regulation part I: Electoral Register and Election of Directors

Regulation part R: General Meeting Regulations

The Articles (articles 41 to 45: Voting and proxy notices)

Person specification / key skills


· Integrity, as the work is confidential

· Numeracy

· Computer skills, in particular able to use Excel, including spreadsheets, and to use Word, including tables, as well as email.

· Must be a member of TTE in any category including Supporter (which is free of charge).

· Must remain as a member of TTE for the whole period of appointment as a Scrutineer.

· Must not be a Director, National Councillor or League Representative Company Member


For an informal discussion about the role, please call Caroline Williams on 07849535504 or email [email protected]